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I'm a botanical artist and printmaker based on Orkney. I work under the name of 'Inkloof' and create botanical drawings, predominantly with pencil and ink, with the occasional occurrences of colour and plenty of experimentation around film, photography and various printmaking techniques, including etchings, monoprints, and cyanotype.

The idea of Inkloof has roots in my life-long interest in wildlife, nature, fauna, and flora. As a horticulturist and professional florist for many years, I have had an opportunity to design, create and teach about flowers.

In my botanical work, I aim to capture the complexity of plants with the simplicity of lines and black & white film, while carrying out important research into their historical, medicinal, and cultural background, as well as traditions and their current forms of adaptation to environmental changes. The research element in my practice is incredibly important as I believe it has a crucial impact on the ways of seeing and learning about the landscape and environment that surrounds us.

I'm a member of the Soulisquoy Printmakers, the Society of Scottish Artists and the Association of British Botanical Artists (ABBA). 

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