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'Earth's Green Mantle' - about the project

'Earth's green mantle' as Rachel Carson referred to in the 'Silent Spring', makes up the world that supports the life of the planet we live on. 'Although modern man seldom remembers the fact, he could not exist without the plants that harness the sun's energy and manufacture the basic food chain he depends upon for life' (sic)

Through a conversation with plants, this new project will document a selection of flowering species, focusing on their historical, medicinal, cultural background, traditions, and their current forms of adaptation to the environmental changes across Scottish Highlands and Islands. The project will look into the relationships between humans and plants, the potential conflict between native and non-native Celtic species and how it influences our perception of their presence. It will further explore our obligations towards plants and showcase the ways of seeing the living species by presenting artwork created with the traditional printmaking techniques, as well as botanical ink drawings and collection of pressed specimens (where possible and applicable), complemented by a selection of black & white analogue photographs.

Copyrights Magdalena Choluj / Inkloof


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